Isaac Karow

(12 Years Experience)

Isaac is the life of the party.  He loves to play the perfect song at the perfect time and thrives on keeping the dance floor hopping.  You can have confidence with him leading your party. 

Our mission is to always exceed the expectations of our clients by providing the highest quality DJs, music, lights, sound, and entertainment services in the Rochester area.

How we intend to fulfill our mission.

  • We will meet with our clients so that we can have a full understanding of how we can participate in making their event perfect.
  • We will invest in the most reputable tools offered to the DJ community. 
  • We will interview, hire, and mentor DJ's that have high character, love music, love people, and have natural charisma.


Founded: 2014

Owner: Christopher T. Williams


Areas of expertise:  DJing, MCing, Event Planning, Real Estate.

Our Mission:

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Christopher T. Williams

(10  years of experience)

Christopher Williams is the owner and DJ.  This business model is a reflection of Christopher and his values.  People who know Chris know that he has integrity, he has a passion for people, and he is a sucker for a good party.  

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